logo-4In the 21st century, children are advanced in their learning and even know computer code. Despite living in such an advanced technological world, the people in the tribal belt are still back in the 15th century. There are some children living without proper meals, clothes, shelter, or education. images

Who cares and thinks of them? Wouldn’t their transformation help our country and society? The government of India passed a lot of bills to enable and educate them, but the money never reaches them. Rich people exploit the children by taking this government-allotted money for themselves before it gets to the children in the tribal belt. Nobody stands up for the kids of our country.

To begin to address this lack of education for these poor children, Vision India is running a school named SHEMA PUBLIC SCHOOL (SPS) in the tribal belt of western Odisha. SPS is a national level program under a unit of Vision India which focuses on the basic education for the underprivileged children and youths. SPS works for underprivileged children, specifically those children who have extremely difficult circumstances such as being involved in child labor, are from the poorest households, are children of young girls, are from single parent homes, are orphans, etc.


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