Vision India is a Christian NGO and was created in 2006 with the purpose of reaching the unreached areas in India, especially the tribal belt of Odisha, with the Gospel. There are over 62 tribal people groups in Odisha which constitute 24% of the State’s population.
Vision India was established through a vision and burden of Rev Chandra Sekhar Swain and his wife Dr. Susmita Das. They started Vision India to propagate the Gospel and empower the people through networking with NGOs, public sectors and private sectors.

More Love

Every individual has a right of growing in an atmosphere of love, peace and affection and of moral and material security so that they grow up to be robust citizens, physically fit, mentally alert and morally healthy endowed with the skills and motivation needed by society.

Better Future

To help and meet to needy people and family by community development plan with sustainable program.

Bigger Hope

It is also expedient that there must be equal opportunities to children and women for their overall development without distinction of caste, creed and community with the purpose of reducing inequality and ensuring social economic justice.

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